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10 Golden Rules For Buying A Suit (Men’s Suit Buying Guide) – Mens Fashion Article

Are you confused about buying a suit? You’re not alone. There are so many decisions involved – and screwing up just ONE can cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Don’t worry. There’s a 10-step process you can follow to buy the perfect men’s suit. Ready to get started? Let’s suit up! Choose: Buying Online Or Offline? Set Your Budget Choose Your Fabric Nail The Fit Choose Function Over Fashion Choose Your Dress Shirt Match Your Shoes With Your…

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5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Shave His Head – Mens Fashion Article

Jeff Bezos. Mahatma Gandhi. Michael Jordan. And every single guy in Marine Corps boot camp. What do they have in common? Bald heads. Men’s reasons for shaving their heads range from hiding hair loss to religious devotion to uniform regulations. But there are a few reasons why every guy should at least consider trying it out. Association Boldness Deeper Psychology Chance For Reinvention Facial Hair Bonus: Maturity   Ihsaan Ali of The StyleJumper knows a thing or two about rocking…

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Custom Made Men’s Shoes That Command Attention – Mens Fashion Article

We like to stress the basics most of the time – the white dress shirt, the navy suit, and the black oxford shoe. Gentlemen, we’re setting the rule book aside for a moment. Today’s about something different. We’re going to talk about what you should look at once you’ve bought the black Oxfords. Custom made men’s shoes that are going to get you jealous looks. We’re going to talk about five quality dress shoe styles that will command attention. 5.…

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Seven Men’s Summer Shirts To Own – Mens Fashion Article

Summer is fast-approaching. Like many men around the globe, you’re going to have to adapt. Here’s the issue: How do you look amazing without sweating like a pig? I’m here to tell you that – believe it or not – it’s possible. That’s why today we’re talking about the top seven casual men’s summer shirts you’ll look amazing in.   Want to know where you can find these shirts custom-made for you? Tailor Store specializes in custom-made shirts for every…

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Phrases That Make You Sound Stupid – Mens Fashion Article

If you’ve ever tried to sound smart by using certain phrases, bad news – you may have had the opposite effect. A 2005 study – aptly named “Consequences of Erudite Vernacular Utilized Irrespective of Necessity: Problems With Using Long Words Needlessly” – showed that when someone used overly complicated words, people’s opinion of them dropped. So what kind of words cause a negative impression? Here are a few common ones: Plethora Actually Honestly No Offense Just Sayin’ Like/Uhh Irregardless Literally,…

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Style Graphic Tees – 5 Tips To Rock Them With ANYTHING (Even A Suit) – Mens Fashion Article

Real Men Real Style putting out content on how to style graphic tees? Yes… this is unusual. Most guys look horrible in graphic tees – and RMRS has never been shy about pointing that out. But what if most guys just don’t know how to style them? Is there a stylish way to rock the graphic tee? Read on for some answers you’re going to love.   Click Here To Watch The Video – How To Style A Graphic Tee  …

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Summer Clothing Hacks – 10 Ways EVERY Man Can Stay Cool In Heat – Mens Fashion Article

Summer is finally here. Beach parties…barbecues…feeling like you’re gonna die of heat exhaustion… Let’s face it, the season has its ups and downs. These 10 summer clothing hacks can help you ride the waves. This article is brought to you by Mizzen+Main. Their performance dress shirts are made from four-way stretch fabric that breathes and wicks away moisture – I’ll be living in mine this summer. Mizzen+Main shirts are wrinkle-resistant, stay tucked, and you’ll never have to iron or dry-clean…

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10 Tips To Look Great In A Dress Shirt: Ultimate Men’s Guide – Mens Fashion Article

Let’s kick this off with some hard facts – a study from Esquire magazine in 2006 found that 22.6% of women said the average guy with an attractive dress shirt is instantly bed-worthy. It goes beyond simple attraction. Dress shirts are a global staple for professionalism and elegance. Today is all about levering the dress shirt to your advantage – Gentlemen, here are ten ways to look great in a dress shirt Today’s sponsor is Apposta – founded by fourth-generation…

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