How to Style Streetwear for the Office – Mens Fashion Article

Streetwear can at times be a difficult beast to tame, especially when it comes to wearing it in a professional setting. However, with menswear showing no signs of moving away from the trend, and plenty of brands offering high-quality men’s streetwear in the UK, it’s time to get on the hype. [irp] Much like those who grew up associating streetwear with youth culture and alternative fashion, this style of clothing has done some growing up, and if you know how…

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Feeling Stressed? 4 Types of Massage You Should Try – Mens Fashion Article

The pace of modern life seems to increase by the day. We are constantly bombarded with emails, social media updates and advertisements on TV, on our phones and through our laptops. Adding work and family commitments into the mix creates a recipe for constant, low-level (if you’re lucky) stress. With modern technology, it’s rare that we can truly escape the daily demands of just existing and truly relax. It’s important not to ignore stress, nor to accept it as an…

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