How To Buy A Car For A Road Trip – 5 Top tips – Mens Fashion Article

A road trip is the essence of freedom, when you can spread out a map and wander to mountain lakes, through small towns, and along forgotten back roads. The open road calls to everyone who’s given a moment’s thought to adventure, whether that means sampling diner food along the way, setting up camp at night, or stumbling upon fun drive-in movies in the middle of nowhere. This adventure you’re dreaming of does not include afternoons spent at auto shops hoping…

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The NEW LCI MINI COOPER; Car Review – Mens Fashion Article

‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ Exactly my thoughts before I was invited to check out the Brand New LCI of the MINI for 2018. The LCI basically means the MINI has had a bit of a facelift for 2018, and while you would be forgiven for not seeing any changes right away there’s actually quite a few, and they all help keep the MINI up to date and desirable. On the outside the MINI now comes with LED…

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