8 Classic Fragrances for Gentlemen – Mens Fashion Article

In the last two decades, fragrances and colognes for men have exploded online and in blogs, as well as YouTube channels. There are things like Basenotes, Jeremy Fragrance, or Fragrance Brothers that are all about just the scent.Why Should Men Wear Fragrance?Colognes can create really powerful emotional ties. Style authorities such as Bruce Boyer argue that you should have a wardrobe of fragrances just like you have a wardrobe of clothes. That way, you can pick and choose depending on…

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Top 18 Best Mens Cologne – Mens Fashion Article

Whether you need a new scent for work, dates, nights out or anything in between, Pierro Shoes have some ideas for you. We’ve put together an extensive list of the top 20 best colognes for men that we’re certain you’ll enjoy! The word perfume is used in modern times to describe just about any fragrance and it derives from the Latin word per fumus meaning through smoke. The Romans refined the art of making perfumes along with the Arabs and Persians through…

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