Cream Men’s Suits: Light is Right. – Mens Fashion Article

Style By Dapperfied | September 30, 2019 Darker colours are usually the go to choice when choosing men’s suits. They just seem so simple yet sophisticated, giving you all the confidence you need for that occasion you need to suit up for. They are also some of the easiest suits to locate when you are looking to buy one. NOW – this does not mean that these suits are the ONLY ones available or that they are the best. Light coloured suits are…

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The Men’s Cotton Suit: A Discussion. – Mens Fashion Article

Style By Dapperfied | April 23, 2018 With men’s suits the aim is usually to look good and such a feat is attained by some attention to detail. This is not that big of a problem. However, a lot of the time you can see guys out there sacrificing comfort for beauty and while they look great, they can barely breathe. Of course, looking phenomenal is the goal but you don’t have to leave out feeling good to reach that goal. Feeling great…

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The Men’s Light Grey Suit: A Few Tips. – Mens Fashion Article

Style By Dapperfied | April 18, 2018 Folks, we’re taking a look at the men’s light grey suit today. Most of the time when a gentleman decides to wear a suit, they tend to choose a suit of a darker colour. It is the usual choice for any man who wants his appearance to stay simple as well as look damn good at the same time. For some reason men tend to stay away from the lighter coloured suits but the men’s light…

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