6 Flirty Texts That Will Pique A Sophisticated Woman’s Interest – Mens Fashion Article

There’s nothing wrong with zoning out to The Bachelor. But if you ever find yourself dating a woman (or man) with devious intellect and a penchant for lorgnettes then you’ll need to improve your flirting before you drown in a sea of Mozart references and nerd face emojis. Enter: Reddit’s r/AskMen community, who yesterday opened a forum dedicated to curating the combined cultural knowledge of 1.1 million modern men and their ancestors past. “How do you be an interesting texter and…

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How To Keep A Guy Interested And Score A First Date – Mens Fashion Article

Finding your ideal man can be hard, but once you do, we share how to keep a guy interested and secure a date. Check out our other article on SMOK Stick V8. You have been talking for some time now but he has not asked you out yet. Well, this is not a big problem. Usually, men fear rejection and delay is inevitable. With a little encouragement and effort, you can keep him interested and score a first date. The…

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