The Gurana & Coffee range for men from The Body Shop. – Mr Lee Fraser – Mens Fashion Article

It is no secret that the world is slowly changing and people’s perspectives are changing with regards to the products they are using on their skin, but also the food they are consuming. People are starting to realize that animal cruelty testing is one of the most terrible things to do and we simply don’t need this to create great products. With all of that said, I have recently taken some time off to truly understand the products I use…

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Grooming Game Strong – TREND STYLED • Style, Grooming, Design, and Travel Lifestyle Blog by Saul Rasco – Mens Fashion Article

I really can’t believe we’re already half way through March. It seemed like January lasted for six months and then all the sudden we skipped right over February and most of March! What I’m not mad about though is the start to March Madness. Basketball was the only sport I didn’t play growing up, so I’ve always been a fan but mostly because how could you not respect a court full of guys that are seven feet tall? Not to talk…

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