Why Social Media is the ‘New’ Smoking – Mens Fashion Article

As we approach 2020; there’s a clear trend that’s on the rise amongst young people; and it’s affecting them at a rapid rate. I’m not talking about fidget spinners, nor am I talking about ‘Baby Shark’. I’m talking about Social Media. “Social Media is the new Smoking, and it’s an addiction.”  Social media is a double edged sword. For me personally, I owe a lot to social media. The people I’ve connected with, the businesses I’ve built and the message…

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Rock n’ Roll with Daniel Webber — MEN’S FASHION POST – Mens Fashion Article

 MFP: Motley Crue’s frontman Vince Neil along with the rest of the band mates are quite interesting people, how much did you know about them? and what did you do to prepare for the this role? Daniel: Initially, didnt know anything about them. I had heard some of their songs, like Home Sweet Home and Girls Girls Girls but not much else. There was a mountain of research online and then of course the books, The Dirt and Tattoos and…

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Maru Coffee — MEN’S FASHION POST – Mens Fashion Article

Good quality coffee in two locations in Los Angeles sounds great for us Angelenos, but Jacob and Joonmo open their Maru doors to the world, welcoming everyone willing to take a pause. The future is bright and quite aromatic for Maru Coffee as they set out to soon introduce their own roasting.  JJ is determined to control every place their coffee goes. The goal is to sell direct to consumers so they can guarantee high quality coffee. Although roasting can…

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The Boy That Could — MEN’S FASHION POST – Mens Fashion Article

What does music do to you that makes it so special for you?  Many things. Music is there for me whenever I need it, both in good times and bad times. I cannot describe how much it helps me.  I have always had a really strong interest in music. I remember that with only 4-5 years old I was dancing and singing at home all day. My mother has a beauty salon and I used to sing every day for…

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