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Where to shop DC: Paul Stuart – Mens Fashion Article

When CityCenterDC opened up, I was excited to see all of the high-end stores that were making their presence known right in the center of town. I wanted to see the place that had many of the luxury stores abandoning Chevy Chase for this new shopping mecca. When I got there I was surprised to find Paul Stuart, a new entrant to the Washington area. I didn’t know much about the company and was surprised that it had such a…

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Understanding non-surgical male cosmetic treatments – Mens Fashion Article

The use of cosmetic surgery has been on the rise over the last few years. And this trend is expected to continue into the near future. No longer the domain of celebrities and the elite, cosmetic surgery is being embraced more and more by the general public. While women have long been the predominant users, what’s surprising is that an increasing number of men are embracing the idea that they too can benefit from cosmetic procedures. As male cosmetic surgery…

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10 Cherry Blossom events to celebrate the season – Mens Fashion Article

The cherry blossoms are now in full bloom and it seems like everyone in Washington is celebrating. The blossoms signal that spring is final here and naturally that’s a cause for celebration. Hordes of people crowd around the Tidal Basin to experience the beauty of the blossoms. In fact even I’ve been known to venture out to see the infamous flowers for myself. But what I also love is a party or some great events.…

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