Vincero Rogue Watches | The Coolector – Mens Fashion Article

If, like us at Coolector HQ, you love watches and want to regularly add to your collection, it’s always a good idea to find watchmakers who offer high quality timepieces for an affordable price. Vincero are one such watchmaker and they’ve showcased their credentials once again with their latest release – the Rogue series of watches. Vincero are known for their striking, no-nonsense timepieces and the Rogue certainly plays into this aesthetic wonderfully well. With prices starting at just £194…

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Rocket Mission Furniture | The Coolector – Mens Fashion Article

We’ve got a soft spot for well designed, contemporary furniture here at Coolector HQ and, truth be told, we spend an undue amount of time in search of it. This makes it all the more rewarding, then, when we come across a brand like Rocket Mission who boast a stellar line up of designer furniture for both the home and office. If you like expertly crafted pieces made with the finest materials and with a real eye for the design…

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Best Laptop Bags in India 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide – Mens Fashion Article

Best Laptop Bags in India 2019 : A laptop becomes the basic need these days. Portability compact design and great power make it appropriate for businessman and such other people. It is also the entertainment center that you can take anywhere using a laptop bag. However, if you don’t have any laptop bag then you may end up keeping the laptop in one place. Due to this reason, you should buy a laptop bag as soon as possible. There are…

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Behind The Suit: Interview With Samuel Diamond – Mens Fashion Article

Full name:  Samuel Issac Diamond   Age: 32   Occupation: Menswear Designer   Background: I run my own business: Samuel Diamond Tailors – Collins St. I’m Melbourne born and bred. Other than my passion for menswear, my favourite things to do include surfing, fishing, dining, travel and music. What do you love about your occupation?  I never view my occupation as ‘selling suits’, but rather a feeling. It might sound a little corny, but I do mean it. Some guys…

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Why Social Media is the ‘New’ Smoking – Mens Fashion Article

As we approach 2020; there’s a clear trend that’s on the rise amongst young people; and it’s affecting them at a rapid rate. I’m not talking about fidget spinners, nor am I talking about ‘Baby Shark’. I’m talking about Social Media. “Social Media is the new Smoking, and it’s an addiction.”  Social media is a double edged sword. For me personally, I owe a lot to social media. The people I’ve connected with, the businesses I’ve built and the message…

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Toxic Poison Is The Biggest Killer of Young People, Yet Potential Life Saving Treatment Requires 8 Month Wait Time… – Mens Fashion Article

Young adults aged 18-25 are at huge risk of a toxic poison spread across the UK, yet many are having to wait 8 months for potential life saving treatment. Many are being warned of the dangers, with reports highlighting the need to come forward and to not battle it alone if symptoms are present, still researchers and the NHS lack an adequate treatment to eradicate the poison. Early reports also highlight the lack of preventative strategies in place to stop…

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Depression Has No Face (I Know, I’ve Been There) – Mens Fashion Article

It’s late May 2009, and I’m walking out of my local after a few drinks with the ‘lads’. As always, the nights been a laugh, drinks, banter, and we’re planning the up and coming annual lads holiday. I left the pub smiling and laughing, and walking home only took a few minutes, but when I got home and into bed it all changed. I broke down into tears. This was becoming a recurring event, and these tears weren’t just sobs,…

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7 Tips To Deal With Stress – Mens Fashion Article

Stress is something we all have to deal with. Whether that stress evolves around work deadlines or an argument within your relationship, no matter the situation stress is going to inevitably impact our lives in some way. “Works really stressful right now”. It’s a sentence we’ve all said before, and for me, a sentence that’s almost become accepted as either you’re working hard or you’re busy with work. A sentence that’s almost now perceived as a positive one too, as…

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