Burger & Booze: 3 Drinks To Pair With Your Next Burger – Men’s Style Pro – Mens Fashion Article

Surprise, It’s Not Just All Cold Brews There’s no better combination than a nice cold beer and a juicy burger to make your heart and stomach sing simultaneously. Of course, that’s a very true and obvious statement, but, there a few cocktails pairing that might taste just as good or better with a quarter-pounder of ground beef. To tantalize our taste buds, we stop by Rouge in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia. With a menu with decadent dishes like Spanish…

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Pizza Punks – Mens Fashion Article

Ok, let’s address the elephant in the room ‘I d̶o̶n̶’t̶ ̶  didn’t like pizza!‘ There I said it, but that has all changed after visiting  Pizza Punks Belfast, I now realise I’ve been missing out the past 21 years! Pizza Punks officially opened its doors last Friday and I was invited along to try it out at a VIP Launch. Located in the centre of Cathedral Quarter, Pizza Punks has got it all right, not only the location but with…

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Brooklyn Sq Belfast- Food Review – Mens Fashion Article

 *This post contains a gifted experience* My blog is the place where I talk about things I love and eating out is right up there with my favourites, I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves trying new places not only for the food but the cool surrounding (and Instagram opportunities lol). Last week in was invited along to try out Brooklyn Sq Belfast which is located in Shaftesbury square and hard to miss with the huge red neon sign lighting up…

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