A Night We Wont Forget, Hosted By Matt Preston – Mens Fashion Article

The weather has definitely changed in seasons with the last few nights being the coldest and making it worse, the rain but on Tuesday night we were lucky to enjoy tummy warming dishes paired with one-of-a-kind Johnnie Walker whisky tasting. Matt Preston the award-winning food journalist, best-selling author, co-host and judge of MasterChef Australia, hosted the whisky tasting and dinner experience at The Star’s BLACK Bar & Grill. Upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of Johnnie Walker Aged 18 years, coconut vinegar…

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Puente Romano – Joey London – Mens Fashion Article

Hey all! I hope you are all as excited for the summer as I am, because I have a really great post for you, something that I’ve been wanting to share with you guys for a while, or shall I say, somewhere I want all of you to know about! So, a couple of weeks back in the midst of my destination hopping, one of the places I had the chance to visit was Puente Romano Marbella, which by the…

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Burger & Booze: 3 Drinks To Pair With Your Next Burger – Men’s Style Pro – Mens Fashion Article

Surprise, It’s Not Just All Cold Brews There’s no better combination than a nice cold beer and a juicy burger to make your heart and stomach sing simultaneously. Of course, that’s a very true and obvious statement, but, there a few cocktails pairing that might taste just as good or better with a quarter-pounder of ground beef. To tantalize our taste buds, we stop by Rouge in the Rittenhouse section of Philadelphia. With a menu with decadent dishes like Spanish…

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I ENCOURAGE YOU TO GO MEAT FREE ON 22 APRIL- EARTH DAY – Mr Lee Fraser – Mens Fashion Article

South Africa’s Meat free Mondays movement, together with The Fry Family Food Co, are encouraging citizens to #SwaptheMeat for the future of the planet Earth Day (22 April) is a global movement designed to create awareness around key environmental issues affecting our planet. This will be the 49th Earth Day (the organisation started in 1970) and each year the environmental issues faced by the planet have become more complex and more critical.  We have now reached tipping point. On 7…

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What to Eat at Yamasan Sushi — Greg’s Style Guide – Mens Fashion Article

Here’s a hot take. I can only imagine that the sushi chefs at an establishment that specializes in sushi hate making the boring run-of-the-mill bastardized rolls that you can get anywhere. That is why I always try to order their specialty rolls that they’ve put the time into coming up with. Yamasan Sushi has this Dream of Dream Roll that has an ingredient list that makes you question how they can fit all of that in a roll. Check it…

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