The Best Smart Casual Shoe · Effortless Gent – Mens Fashion Article

fyi: This article may contain affiliate links (details)When you’re going for a smart sharp casual look, you have plenty of shoes to choose from, but you must choose wisely, especially if you’re looking to maintain a versatile yet minimal wardrobe.White leather sneakers, while versatile, skew a bit too casual for your dressier occasions where a suit and tie are called for.Black or dark brown leather cap toes, while elegant, can definitely feel too formal if you’re wearing jeans and a…

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Men’s Fashion: 10 Items You Actually Need – Mens Fashion Article

Seasons and styles come and go and as much as we like to mix things up in our wardrobe, there are items that you should invest in, to be worn and used throughout the year. Sometimes it is worth spending that extra buck for a quality item that will last and still remain stylish. Man For Himself has put together a list of 10 items that every man should have in his wardrobe. Watch The Video Well-fitting Jeans Every man…

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