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5 Reasons Why Every Man Should Shave His Head – Mens Fashion Article

Jeff Bezos. Mahatma Gandhi. Michael Jordan. And every single guy in Marine Corps boot camp. What do they have in common? Bald heads. Men’s reasons for shaving their heads range from hiding hair loss to religious devotion to uniform regulations. But there are a few reasons why every guy should at least consider trying it out. Association Boldness Deeper Psychology Chance For Reinvention Facial Hair Bonus: Maturity   Ihsaan Ali of The StyleJumper knows a thing or two about rocking…

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How To Cover Bald Spots: Being Proud of Your Crowning Glory – Mens Fashion Article

Whether you’re a man or a woman, discovering that you’re losing your hair can be very difficult to process. So many of us, often unintentionally, depend on our hair as a measure of our looks, our strength, our virility. This means that losing your hair can leave you feeling unattractive, anxious, and depressed. The fact is that people can be cruel about hair loss, particularly when it affects women or younger men. The follicly challenged are an easy target, often…

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