How To Stop Greasy Hair | Men’s Hair – Mens Fashion Article

Every now and then we all experience greasy hair; whether it’s from having no time to wash it, or perhaps it’s due to a product causing the issue. For some, unfortunately, having greasy hair can become a regular occurrence and it can be difficult to control. Man For Himself  explains the causes of greasy hair; and our top tips to get rid of it.   Have you suffered with greasy hair? Let us know in the comments below! This is only a snippet…

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Mens Undercut Guide – Look Your Best – Mens Fashion Article

During the Edwardian era and the early to mid 90’s, the mens undercut was a very popular hairstyle. It is characterized by cutting the sides and back short(usually buzzed) then sweeping the length on top back. In recent years it has resurfaced again and it’s a great style that can improve the image of any gentleman. Today we are going to teach you how to style the mens undercut and give you some inspiration. Short & Natural By Timo Kohlenberg.…

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My Morning Routine When I’m In A Rush – Mens Fashion Article

My Morning Routine Once I get out of bed, I’m straight into my routine which starts by popping my contact lenses in before flossing and brushing my teeth. However busy my schedule, exercise is always included to energise me and kick start my day. Like a lot of you, I work to a tight schedule so I strip back my morning routine to ensure I cover all the essentials. As busy guys we all know how easy it can be…

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