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Home Inspired: Blanket Ladders | alexanderliang.com – Mens Fashion Article

Our new house is slowly coming together! I’m taking my time to make sure each space is exactly what it needs to be. I’ve added a few smaller details already though, like this blanket ladder in our living room. I love the cozy look that blanket ladders bring to a space and it’s a great way to store and showcase your throws in a neat way. This addition also forced me to do a blanket edit as…

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Home Inspired: Black Glass Window & Door Frames – Mens Fashion Article

The other day, I shared the image above on my instagram and received such a strong positive response from a number of you on that post. I’ve always had an interest in architecture, interior design and real estate, so I’ve decided to share more of those passions here on my channels. It’s a space (no pun intended) that I’m genuinely interested in, but rarely talk about online. And it got me thinking- why not? The last time…

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