Samsung Smart Hub Fridge – Best Features – Mens Fashion Article

This post is sponsored by Home Depot. All thoughts and ideas are my own Back again this week with some more smart home tech from Home Depot! Samsung’s line of Family Hub smart fridges are one of my favorite pieces of smart home tech, because they live in one of the most used rooms in the house. Refrigerators are such a central part of every house, so it makes sense to make them smart and internet enabled. So what can…

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3 Easy To Make Healthy Meals – Mens Fashion Article

When it comes to cooking, I have three areas I like to focus on: healthy, low carb, and easy to make in large quantities. I usually cook a couple of huge meals every Sunday and then eat them the rest of the week.  I’ve included some of my favorites below. Why Healthy, Low Carb and Large Quantities? Healthy is a subjective term, but I focus on foods with high protein, high good fat (Omega-3’s), low salt, and low sugar. That…

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New Home Office Updates: Barn Door + More – Mens Fashion Article

After buying our house, we never took the time to make my home office into… well a home office. It had a desk for my computer, but otherwise, it was less than ideal. It was connected to our main living space without any door, so the noise of our two kids was always a distraction, and it was very sparsely furnished. 10 months since we moved in, we decided it was time to update. We added a barn door to…

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