3 Shortest U.S. Presidents and The Truth About Presidential Height – Mens Fashion Article

Who were the shortest U.S. presidents? How tall was George Washington? Does the taller candidate always win? Read on for answers… James Madison – 5’4″ You may have heard political pundits make statements indicating that taller candidates have an advantage over shorter opponents. See Also: 100+ Famous Short Men (Sortable List) There are even claims (or misinformation) that since the turn of the century, the taller of the two U.S. presidential candidates has always won. Spoiler alert: this is simply…

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One house, different voices – Dappertude – Mens Fashion Article

What a wonderful time to be alive. We live in a time where we no longer need to break the rules of fashion. We embrace and celebrate diversity and everything the world has to offer. Change is inevitable and change is what drives us into the future. Remo Ruffini (CEO of Moncler) envisioned a world with every colour in the rainbow and reinvented the Moncler communication and business model. The model celebrates the diversity of the contemporary customer in the…

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Château de la Colle Noire — Cup of Couple – Mens Fashion Article

A veces la realidad supera la ficción y en ocasiones se mezclan como si fuera un sueño. El Château de la Colle Noire es una prueba de ello. Christian Dior eligió este lugar para que fuera su casa, su inspiración y refugio. Rodeado de flores y en mitad de las colinas cerca de Grasse, cada estancia del castillo fue decorada por el diseñador y está llena de magia, simbolismo y detalles increíbles. Mención especial a la estrella sobre su cama…

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Fashion Stylist Masterclass By Jeff Lack – Mens Fashion Article

You take your friend shopping and pick a few outfits for them, dress them in clothes which are not their own style but your own, give them a list of shops which they can visit and voila, you may think that you are a fashion stylist. We are pretty sure to become a fashion stylist is more than merely dressing a mate and watching a few webinars online and even so to turn this hobby/ interest into a paid gig,…

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Danish audio brand Dynaudio launches its high quality music line in Australia – Mens Fashion Article

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality audio systems, Dynaudio, has launched its new Dynaudio Music Line deemed the world’s most intelligent wireless music system. Dynaudio Music line provides one-touch simplicity, adapting seamlessly to any room or position and to surrounding noise levels with built-in NoiseAdapt and RoomAdapt. It even gives personalised playlists featuring only the music its users love with the new Music Now app. The speaker also connects to popular music-streaming services including Tidal. Dynaudio Music line introduces…

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