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Burberry Scarf: Is It Worth It? – Mens Fashion Article

In this installment of our Is It Worth It? review series, we take a closer look at the iconic men’s scarf from Burberry (in their trademark check and made with 100% cashmere) and find out whether it’s worth the hefty price tag.A Brief History of BurberryBurberry was established by its namesake, Thomas Burberry, in 1856 with a simple mission: to protect people from British weather. A few years later in 1879, Burberry developed gabardine fabric which, at the time, was…

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Gentleman’s Gazette | Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket: Is It Worth It? – Mens Fashion Article

The Barbour waxed jacket is probably one of the most iconic pieces of men’s outerwear there is. With its casual appearance, its waxed cotton shell that is water resistant, it has become a staple in the English gentleman’s wardrobe. Barbour jackets don’t just represent the British country look but they are great for any kind of outdoorsman who wants to hunt, fish, or just not afraid of the elements. Over the years, the brand of Barbour has become synonymous with…

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