Summer Suits — Gentleman’s Gazette – Mens Fashion Article

Have you ever wondered how some people can wear a suit when it’s stifling hot outside? Well, not all suits are created equal and some have a lot more airflow and a lot cooler than others. Why is that? You may wonder. Actually, there are a number of factors and we break it down below. Most importantly, there’s the fabric and the interlining. If you have a jacket with a glued interlining, it will insulate you much more, it will…

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Spring Transition Gear: 5 Trucker Jackets To Buy Right Now – Men’s Style Pro – Mens Fashion Article

We’ve hit the point in spring where mornings and evening can be a bit chilly and the afternoon is on the warmer side. The need for a real coat is really out of the question, so the best options is the trusty trucker jacket. A true MVP in your wardrobe, the trucker jacket pairs best with those dope pants you’ve been waiting to wear and will give your t-shirts new life. Coming in suede, denim, chino, leather or corduroy —…

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Gentleman’s Gazette | Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket: Is It Worth It? – Mens Fashion Article

The Barbour waxed jacket is probably one of the most iconic pieces of men’s outerwear there is. With its casual appearance, its waxed cotton shell that is water resistant, it has become a staple in the English gentleman’s wardrobe. Barbour jackets don’t just represent the British country look but they are great for any kind of outdoorsman who wants to hunt, fish, or just not afraid of the elements. Over the years, the brand of Barbour has become synonymous with…

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