Japanese Locals Really Hate These Kind Of Tourists, But They’re Too Polite To Tell Them – Mens Fashion Article

Sit the hell down, finish your food, proceed to walk. It’s a simple rule to follow but apparently in Japan the locals are struggling to get this message across to heady tourists without offending them. In Japan the act of eating whilst walking is considered rude as it goes against the etiquette of “ikkai ichi dousa” – a Japanese phrase similar to doing “one thing at a time”. Eat and walk on the streets of Japan and you can expect a…

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Buckets & Spades – Men’s Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Blog: Nobu Hotel, London – Mens Fashion Article

Do you remember me banging on about my visit to Ace Hotel in Shoreditch a few weeks ago? I had a decent stay, but I did mention at the time that there was something missing – I guess it didn’t quite live up to my expectations. While in the area I reached out to my mate Jordan Bunker to see if he had any cafe and coffee shop recommendations. Word of mouth is so valuable, especially from the people who…

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