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Haven’t Found Your Passion yet? Keep Your Expenses Low! – Mens Fashion Article

Everyone can get a job they love.  Some people just get lucky and find it earlier in life. For those who haven’t found it yet, don’t stop trying! Actually ENJOYING your job can make a MASSIVE difference in your everyday happiness. The waiting process can be hard, and what you do during that time can make all the difference. The Golden Cage People have to be very careful when they take a job that pays well, but they don’t enjoy.…

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Why I Avoid Unnecessary Chemicals in every day products – Mens Fashion Article

This post is sponsored by Native. All thoughts and opinions are my own   I want to live into my 90’s or 100’s. Not just be alive, but be living – and they’re a difference. If you’ve read many of my blog posts, you’ve likely heard me talk about my grandfather. He’s over 85, and still an avid snowboarder and hiker. I’ve been snowboarding for almost 20 years, and he’s still able to outpace me on the hills.In short, he’s…

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3 Easy To Make Healthy Meals – Mens Fashion Article

When it comes to cooking, I have three areas I like to focus on: healthy, low carb, and easy to make in large quantities. I usually cook a couple of huge meals every Sunday and then eat them the rest of the week.  I’ve included some of my favorites below. Why Healthy, Low Carb and Large Quantities? Healthy is a subjective term, but I focus on foods with high protein, high good fat (Omega-3’s), low salt, and low sugar. That…

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