The End to Our Thermostat Wars – Mens Fashion Article

My wife Lee Anne and I prefer drastically different temperatures in our house, and I finally found something to end the never ending thermostat battle!One of the biggest battles is over the temperature when we go to bed. If it’s at the temperate Lee Anne likes, I have to sleep with our overheard fan on and the covers half off. If it’s the temperature I like, she has to sleep under a mountain of covers, and it’s too cold for…

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3 Easy To Make Healthy Meals – Mens Fashion Article

When it comes to cooking, I have three areas I like to focus on: healthy, low carb, and easy to make in large quantities. I usually cook a couple of huge meals every Sunday and then eat them the rest of the week.  I’ve included some of my favorites below. Why Healthy, Low Carb and Large Quantities? Healthy is a subjective term, but I focus on foods with high protein, high good fat (Omega-3’s), low salt, and low sugar. That…

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