How to Wear a Pink Shirt Confidently – Mens Fashion Article

Wear pink confidently As I’ve grown and developed my style, I always try and look back to a time where I was just learning. A lot has changed. Most of what I lacked back then was confidence. I had no interest in wearing things outside my comfort zone. Given the option, some men wouldn’t even consider wearing a pink dress shirt outside of a required uniform. The color pink has long had the connotation of being effeminate. At the risk…

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Make a Statement with a Bold Vest – Mens Fashion Article

Is the Bold Vest A Good Investment? Over the last decade, I’ve noticed men dressing expressively again. Once held to the parameters of the typical grey or blue, men are now opting for patterned sport coats and unconventionally colored suits. Admittedly, not for everyone, wearing something out of your comfort zone isn’t justifiable for every man’s wardrobe. Posed with wearing the basic uniform or yielding to the latest trends, some gentlemen prefer to remain with conventional attire. One of the…

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How To Wear A Bold Blazer – Mens Fashion Article

A straight-forward approach to the bold blazer Spring is an exciting time, style wise, for me personally. Packing away all of my heavy wool suits and sweaters, I’m thrilled to start experimenting with more breathable and spring-weight jackets. Over the last few years, I’ve built a collection of bold pattern blazers to introduce a bit of panache in an otherwise classic wardrobe. Owning this type of jacket is a great way to mix up your style when you want to…

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