Here’s How you Wear Oxblood Shoes With A Suit – Mens Fashion Article

How to Wear Oxblood Shoes The fall is a great season for mens style. The weather, the heavy fabrics, the colors… this is one of the best times of the year here in New York City. One aspect about the change of season that I really enjoy is the transition in footwear. It’s now time to pack away your summer shoes and replace them with boots and lace-up dress shoes. One of my absolute favorite pieces of fall footwear are…

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Want to Dress up Your Polo Shirt? Try This – Mens Fashion Article

Dressing up your Polo Shirt The polo shirt might be one of those garments that you either love or you hate. With warm weather still always lingering, it’s a great time of year to dress up a polo shirt. Often referred to as a ubiquitous uniform, I’ve always felt the polo never really developed its full potential as more than just a summer-only garment. Especially with long sleeve versions. Dressing up a polo isn’t rocket science, but takes a bit…

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How To Wear A Camp Collar Shirt – Mens Fashion Article

Better beach vacation style Recently, I’ve been scaling back buying more tailored clothing and focusing more on my relaxed summer style. During the last several years, I’ve gathered a collection of classic pieces to combat the years of tank tops and t-shirts that I’ve reluctantly collected. The key for me is finding a balance between my tailored looks and a casual approach that speaks to a certain level of sophistication and maturity. The more I travel, the more I continue…

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