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Checkpoint yourself – Mens Fashion Article

There are a lot of ways to be lost at sea. Sometimes we end up taking a wrong turn too close to the tide. The waters rise and sweep us away as we fight the currents looking for a way back to solid ground. Back to normality, if you will. Sometimes, being lost is not knowing how to get from where we are to where we want to be, where we need to be. A few choice words can be…

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It’s been a minute – Mens Fashion Article

It’s been a minute Skip to main content Like clockwork, my week usually comes to a head every Thursday. The stresses from during the week usually catch up and it ends up being an all out brawl to finish everything before the weekend fun begins. Saying that though, I tend to thrive on situations of crazed, chaotic excess. It has been an absolute minute since I’ve wrote anything and honestly I thought I was going to stop completely but contesting…

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Dad's The Word – Mens Fashion Article

Does anybody else remember when they were growing up their dad would wear all these different types of clothing together and think it worked? Now I’m not saying my dad was pairing leather trousers with some ridiculous flannel over shirt while he grabbed his hard hat before work. That was just occasionally. But its funny how they don’t have time to think about putting a coherent outfit together, yet it still works. Forget Steve McQueen – its the dads who…

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