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Grey Trousers For Men: 6 Outfits That Will Last You All Week – Mens Fashion Article

Successful men often find a uniform and stick to it. They also live on a diet of liquid meal replacements and wake up to train at 4am every morning, but only one of these practices we actually endorse. By removing the need to choose a completely new outfit each morning, your mind is freed up to focus on other, more pressing issues. Sounds a little mundane, sure, but it’s easy to see the argument for choosing one key piece –…

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We love… Fashion fixes for the week ahead – in pictures – Mens Fashion Article

For our London fashion week men’s special, here’s our pick of brands for you, including sportswear-meets-tailoring at Paria Farzaneh, Martine Rose collaborates with Napapijri, and Oliver Spencer gets eco-friendly Continue reading… This is only a snippet of a Men’s Fashion Article written by Helen Seamons Read Full Article

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Until next time – Mens Fashion Article

Contrary to popular belief, it is not always trouble in paradise. I’ve spent the past while in Faro combating my adolescent desires for excess. Well, sort of. I’d never been to Portugal before this, so I welcomed the new experience with open arms… and ended up with exceptional memories with friends old and new (even if it was just for a minute or two). It’s funny, as kids when you went on vacation you would spend hours combing the shores…

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Suit Alterations For Men: 13 Tailoring Tweaks To Consider – Mens Fashion Article

At the very start of The Italian Job, Michael Caine’s character delivers one of the coolest lines in British cinema. His girlfriend picks him up from prison in the Turkish Ambassador’s stolen car and asks him where he’d like to go first as a free man. His immortal reply? “Take me to my tailor.” Clearly, Charlie Crocker knew the score. While things have changed today, and ready-to-wear suits have replaced bespoke tailoring for the vast majority of guys, there’s still…

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White Tie Dress Code For Men: What It Is And How To Wear It – Mens Fashion Article

An invitation drops through your door. ‘Dress code: white tie’, it says. You read it again. And again. But no matter how long you stare at the card, it still says white tie – and that is probably why you’re reading this. You’re wondering what you need to wear, how to wear it well, and – let’s be honest – if there are any corners you can cut. (Prepare to be disappointed on that last point.) “In short,” says Richard…

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Short Story – Mens Fashion Article

You don’t have to know me too well to know that I’m not that great with the sun and excess amounts of it. It’s a bit of a love-hate relationship to be honest. I just can’t come to terms with those sweaty mornings and sticky afternoons. I’m too much of a fend for a high neck top. Since going away though that has all went out the window. This is a lifestyle I could get use to. |mark anthony| This…

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How men can avoid a fashion faux pas | Brief letters | Fashion – Mens Fashion Article

I am bemused and dumbfounded that the candidates striving to become the next prime minister (Report, 29 May) believe they can individually unite the country. I suggest they start in their own backyard. The parliamentary Conservative party is riven with division – and if they are unable to present a united front, how do they imagine they can unite the citizens of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland?Helen ForsterLongniddry, East Lothian • With regard to the Tory candidates for prime…

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Ditch the flip-flops and comedy shirts: summer fashion for men | Fashion – Mens Fashion Article

It’s easy to remember the heatwave of last summer through rose-tinted goggles: Soleros for lunch, long nights splayed out in parks and endless reggae playlists. But it is impossible for me to look back on what I wore over those warm months with the same affection. Many British men – myself included – struggle with what to wear when it gets hot. The streets teem with cargo shorts that are more pocket than leg, sweaty Hawaiian shirts and faux-surfer prints.…

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25 Perfect Summer Outfits For Work – Mens Fashion Article

Dressing for the office is tricky enough at the best of times. In summer, it’s a nightmare. The climates on either side of its windows are radically different, as are expectations of what you should wear. Dress to impress indoors, and you’ll be a sweaty mess by the time you get there. Wear clothes that keep you comfortable on your commute, and you’ll be side-eyed by your boss all day. But there is a way to win in both. With…

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