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How to Style Streetwear for the Office – Mens Fashion Article

Streetwear can at times be a difficult beast to tame, especially when it comes to wearing it in a professional setting. However, with menswear showing no signs of moving away from the trend, and plenty of brands offering high-quality men’s streetwear in the UK, it’s time to get on the hype. [irp] Much like those who grew up associating streetwear with youth culture and alternative fashion, this style of clothing has done some growing up, and if you know how…

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How To Wear & Choose The Perfect Bomber Jacket – Mens Fashion Article

Men’s bomber jacket have very little over time. The cut & shape of the famous jacket has stayed the same with modern designers creating personal collections by utilising different materials and colours, finished with decorative elements. [irp] Obviously, it goes without saying that a bomber jacket a popular and stylish finish for a look. This year, bomber jackets in white, olive, blue and bright colours have become extremely popular. Alternatively, neutral and calm coloured bomber jacket, finished with inserts full…

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Style blogger Henri Balit double breasted blazer – Mens Fashion Article

Dear readers, It’s been a while since I’ve shared any personal looks on the blog, so a few are coming ! For this outfit I wanted to go fo a clean dapper look. I think a double-breasted blazer always bring an extra touch of dandiness. The look is all about darkness and highlights. I usually dont wear black shirts with a suited look, but in this case I chose one to make the beautiful emerald color of the blazer pop,…

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