Watch Neymar Jr. Demonstrate The Correct Way To Spend $71 Million – Mens Fashion Article

When Paris Saint German signed one of Barcelona’s deadliest prongs in August 2017, for a cool 222 million euros (roughly AU$350 million), some wondered whether Neymar’s agility, pace, ‘tekkers’ and social media presence justified the world record transfer fee. 48 goals later, and few were still questioning it—especially as his side has struggled badly without him (while Neymar has been injured this year PSG have been eliminated from the Champions League, and twice missed the opportunity to wrap up Ligue…

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Why does the City hate brown shoes? | Fashion – Mens Fashion Article

And so the big brown-shoe debate rages on. Speaking at a conference, an unnamed lawyer has told trainees never to wear brown shoes with a blue suit. A study by the government’s Social Mobility Commission in 2016 found that investment banks are less likely to hire men who wear brown shoes to an interview. The former editor of the Daily Mail Paul Dacre hated them (although, to be fair, Dacre hated a lot of things and probably still does). It’s…

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Buckets & Spades – Men’s Fashion, Design and Lifestyle Blog: Our Money Journey – Mens Fashion Article

In partnership with The Nottingham Building Society I can hardly believe that we are approaching our third year as homeowners. I couldn’t even imagine past the first month, but here we are! That’s three challenging but extremely rewarding years of memories pumped right into our 3-bed semi-detached house in a small working-class town in Lancashire. I realised that I haven’t actually shared loads about “where we’re at”, the classic life updates have been few and far between – that’s been…

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