Nutrition Coach Reveals The Big Protein Mistake You’re Probably Making – Mens Fashion Article

Anyone who goes to the gym knows that protein is essential to help build muscle. And with the fitness industry booming, all manner of companies are jumping on the protein bandwagon to create products allowing us to get our fix on-the-go. But are snacks, foods and water (yes, really) labelled as having X amount of protein, actually any good for you? Nutrition coach Max Lugavere says they’re not. Or at least, they’re not compared to natural proteins you can get…

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My Morning Routine When I’m In A Rush – Mens Fashion Article

My Morning Routine Once I get out of bed, I’m straight into my routine which starts by popping my contact lenses in before flossing and brushing my teeth. However busy my schedule, exercise is always included to energise me and kick start my day. Like a lot of you, I work to a tight schedule so I strip back my morning routine to ensure I cover all the essentials. As busy guys we all know how easy it can be…

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