Want To Lose Weight Fast? Try These Simple Food Swaps – Mens Fashion Article

Unless you spend a decent part of your working life eating chicken breast and broccoli, counting calories and smashing reps in the gym, then the odds are that you’ve got unwanted body fat to some degree (yes, even you skinny fat people). Nutrition coach Graeme Tomlinson believes that those seeking their ultimate physique can have the best of both worlds with a simple technique: low calorie food swaps which taste the same as their fattier and tastier counterparts. In his…

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My Morning Routine When I’m In A Rush – Mens Fashion Article

My Morning Routine Once I get out of bed, I’m straight into my routine which starts by popping my contact lenses in before flossing and brushing my teeth. However busy my schedule, exercise is always included to energise me and kick start my day. Like a lot of you, I work to a tight schedule so I strip back my morning routine to ensure I cover all the essentials. As busy guys we all know how easy it can be…

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