Sunglasses Shop | Oakley – Joey London – Mens Fashion Article

Hey guys, how are we? I think it’s fair to say winter is well and truly here, and although the weather may be changing and it may be getting a little colder and the time of year where we throw on our knits and coats, but it doesn’t mean we forget about our sunglasses! It has been such a good summer, full of travels and adventures and every one of those my sunglasses have been with me along the way,…

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Latch Keys – Joey London – Mens Fashion Article

Hey people! How are we?For the past month or so we’ve been so lucky with our summer here in the UK – it’s been amazing! There’s been such a great atmosphere with all the sports going on around the world, the amazing weather and loads of cool things going on everywhere, which brings me to this blog post!The Tour de France takes place this month, and as you know one of the main sports Oakley focus on is cycling, having…

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Sunglasses Shop x OAKLEY – Joey London – Mens Fashion Article

Hey guys! how are we?? This month is a very exciting month for me because I can announce a very special collaboration I’ve been working on for the past couple months with a special brand that I’ve actually been a customer for for the past couple of years. Sunglasses Shop! Sunglasses Shop has been selling sunglasses online for over 10 years. They have a wide range of brands including designer and more sports/performance focused products… including Oakley which is who…

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