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WMBW Fit at 40 with The Arrow Club – Powered by Adidas – what my boyfriend wore – Mens Fashion Article

About a year ago…okay…maybe a little more than a year, I decided that when I turned forty, I was going to be rocking the best body of my life! I started with a simple challenge of 100 push-ups a day for 30 days with every intention to move on to bigger and better workouts and of course bigger and better biceps, pecs, quads and all the rest. The challenge was a success, I completed 100 push-ups every day without fail.…

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WIN – A R5000 Woolworths Voucher – what my boyfriend wore – Mens Fashion Article

Usually, I would start my posts with a little story, or a friendly tip or two, but, we all know why we’re here so let’s get straight on to it, shall we!? How do you wear your Tee? Are you a classic Jeans and T-Shirt kinda guy, or do you mix it up a little, crossing the lines between dressing up and dressing down? Are you all about those slogan tee’s or are you riding the striped tee trend like…

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KISH x LeShark: Shirts for the Everyday | KISHSTYLE – Mens Fashion Article

I’ve partnered with Le Shark to bring you some fresh looks for summer. Short sleeve shirts can be styled in many ways, and here I have given you two looks that will take you through the everyday. It’s good to have a go-to work look that’s professional, stylish, yet casual enough for those hot summer days. And, for the weekend, switch it up to a classic T. 9 to 5 GRIND This particular look would be great with a suit…

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WMBW Reviews – WearMe Pro Sunglasses – what my boyfriend wore – Mens Fashion Article

Hands up if you’ve ever lost a pair of sunglasses? Or maybe sat on them, dropped them, scratched them? I’m guessing you’ve run out of hands!! I’m willing to bet you probably saved up for those sunnies too right? Saw them in a store, went back a couple of times, tried them on, took a selfie…sent that selfie to a friend for a second opinion…and then remortgaged your house to buy them. Sound familiar? It does to me, I did…

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KISH x Le Shark: Summer Shirt in 3 ways | KISHSTYLE – Mens Fashion Article

Summer is here, so gone are the days of suits and layering. I’ve moved onto shorter sleeves and shorts for the summer months. I’ve teamed up with Le Shark to show you how to style the perfect short sleeve shirts for summer. I have 3 stylish looks to get you through the hot summer months. It’s all about light fabrics and mixing textures and contrasting the tops with the bottoms. Summer is the time to forgo layers and focus on…

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KISH x H&M; Summer Style Picks | KISHSTYLE – Mens Fashion Article

Summer is the best time of the year, with adventure lurking around every corner, whether it’s a getaway vacation with family or a cottage weekend with friends. All Canadians celebrate summer in different ways under the same sun. No matter where you end up, you need those stylish essentials from H&M to celebrate summer in comfort and style. I love H&M, as I have always found very stylish essentials at an affordable price to compliment the suits and tailored clothes in…

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Double Double | KISHSTYLE – Men’s Fashion and Lifestyle Blog – Mens Fashion Article

Canadians know what a double double means, usually meaning a coffee ordered at Tim Hortons, with two creams and two sugars. This is my fashion version of a double double, for this ultimate look I am wearing a double breasted suit and a double strap monk shoe. Double up your style points with these stylish closet essentials, a double-breasted suit and a double strap monk shoe should be the stars on your closet roster. This outfit of the day is…

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