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8 Summer Beach Essentials Every Guy Needs to Pack – Mens Fashion Article

Summer is full of last-minute trips to the beach for salty air and beach bumming. Packing for the beach should be fun and set to a Carly Rae Jepsen soundtrack, not stressed over. The top priority for a day in the sun? Traveling light. The bulkiest item should be the 12-pack of beers you’re bringing, and those will be getting recycled on the way home anyway. Who wants to lug around a heavy tote bag of stuff you’re not even…

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Shopping Roundup: 10 Pairs of Sunglasses Under $100 – Mens Fashion Article

Looking for stylish sunglasses under $100? SG’s got you covered… A warm weather checklist before leaving the house: phone, wallet, face wipes, keys…and sunglasses. Obviously. There’s nothing worse than squinting into the sun all day (bring on that eye cream amirite?!) when you’ve forgotten your shades. Aside from forgetting to charge your Airpods for your commute, it might just be the worst way to start the day. Of course, sunglasses aren’t just good for preventing early-onset wrinkles. They can also make…

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Shopping Roundup: The Best 7-inch Shorts for Guys – Mens Fashion Article

You’ve done the squats, now give your legs the spotlight with a shorter inseam this spring and summer. We know you’re better than a knee-length lewk, so if you haven’t already, why not consider a pair of 7-inch shorts for the warm weather? Below, 7 of the best 7-inch shorts just for you: 1. J.Crew, $70 SG Says: Functional by definition, shorts are designed to keep you cool, so why not maximize escaping the heat even further by elevating your hemline…

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Palm Print Style for Guys: 10 Favorites for Warm Weather – Mens Fashion Article

Living in northern California now, I’ve got a weird relationship to the seasons changing. Mostly because, well, they don’t really. I think I’ll always feel wistful when they’re changing in other places. In May, I’m ready for swimsuit season. In August, I’m pretty sure I’ll be eighty years old and still feel the urge for a Target visit with my mom to pick up new pens, pencils, folders, and notebooks for the coming school year. Who’s with me?! Whenever I…

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