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8 Cozy, Stylish Cardigans For Guys – Mens Fashion Article

Guys, I’m here to tell you something important about your fall and winter wardrobes, so listen up. When you want to dress up your jeans-and-whatever outfit, y’know cardigans for guys? Well, they’re your new best friend. A cardigan is the lazy man’s favorite sweater, and with good reason! You don’t even have to pull it over your head. Heck, you don’t even need to button a cardigan if you don’t want to (most of them anyway). And as we move…

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Shopping Roundup: The Best 7-inch Shorts for Guys – Mens Fashion Article

You’ve done the squats, now give your legs the spotlight with a shorter inseam this spring and summer. We know you’re better than a knee-length lewk, so if you haven’t already, why not consider a pair of 7-inch shorts for the warm weather? Below, 7 of the best 7-inch shorts just for you: 1. J.Crew, $70 SG Says: Functional by definition, shorts are designed to keep you cool, so why not maximize escaping the heat even further by elevating your hemline…

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Palm Print Style for Guys: 10 Favorites for Warm Weather – Mens Fashion Article

Living in northern California now, I’ve got a weird relationship to the seasons changing. Mostly because, well, they don’t really. I think I’ll always feel wistful when they’re changing in other places. In May, I’m ready for swimsuit season. In August, I’m pretty sure I’ll be eighty years old and still feel the urge for a Target visit with my mom to pick up new pens, pencils, folders, and notebooks for the coming school year. Who’s with me?! Whenever I…

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