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From Shoes To Shirt – Build YOUR Outfit From The Feet Up – Mens Fashion Article

When it comes to your outfit, how you use men’s dress shoes can either make or break the look. Depending on the style and color, they can blend flawlessly with the whole shebang, or even be the centerpiece. So, how does one go about building an outfit around their shoes? It’s easier than it sounds! And it’s the topic of today’s article. We’re going over some steps to make an outfit from the feet up! To do this, I’ve decided…

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5 Rules To Wear and ROCK Men’s Boots (And 2 BIG Mistakes) – Mens Fashion Article

Let’s get one thing straight: I LOVE boots. I love them so much, that I own several pairs. They’re my go-to shoe. Time-after-time, though, I see men’s boots get misused and abused. The simple fact is that a lot of guys do not have the knowledge to rock them as best as they can. That’s why I decided to write today’s article, gentlemen. I’m giving you a CRITICAL rundown of some key rules to be aware of when wearing men’s…

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