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The End to Our Thermostat Wars – Mens Fashion Article

My wife Lee Anne and I prefer drastically different temperatures in our house, and I finally found something to end the never ending thermostat battle!One of the biggest battles is over the temperature when we go to bed. If it’s at the temperate Lee Anne likes, I have to sleep with our overheard fan on and the covers half off. If it’s the temperature I like, she has to sleep under a mountain of covers, and it’s too cold for…

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Samsung Smart Hub Fridge – Best Features – Mens Fashion Article

This post is sponsored by Home Depot. All thoughts and ideas are my own Back again this week with some more smart home tech from Home Depot! Samsung’s line of Family Hub smart fridges are one of my favorite pieces of smart home tech, because they live in one of the most used rooms in the house. Refrigerators are such a central part of every house, so it makes sense to make them smart and internet enabled. So what can…

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