How Stella Artois Throws Their Christmas Sensorium Party – Mens Fashion Article

When you think of a festive beer and a good party to boot, Stella Artois comes straight to the mind. In fact, originally brewed for the holidays, Stella Artois was crafted as a gift for the people of Leuven, Belgium and named after the holiday star. Held at the private Armadale residence of leading Australian architect, Rob Mills, guests were welcomed into the luxurious space for an evening which highlighted the importance of incredible craftsmanship in design, food and of…

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Buy A Lady A Drink: Help End The Global Water Crisis – Mens Fashion Article

Our friends at Stella Artois have partnered up with A-list celebrity, actor and Producer Matt Damon and in a global initiative to help end the water crisis. Lack of access to water disproportionately affects women and children, as they often spend hours each day collecting it instead of going to school or working. With 663 million people in the developing world facing this crisis, the goal is to provide access to safe water to 3.5 million people in the…

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