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HOW TO WEAR A PINK SUIT – Fashionable Frank – Mens Fashion Article

Real Men wear pink? Or so the saying goes. Pink is a popular colour in Menswear at the moment with a vast array of clothing pieces available from t-shirts and hoodies to blazers and chinos. Adding a pop of this versatile colour into your wardrobe is a good idea, however, what if you want to go all out pink? I’ll show you 3 ways to wear a Pink Suit. Rocking a 3 piece Pink Suit to a formal occasion will…

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THE BEAUTY BLOG AWARDS 2018 – Fashionable Frank – Mens Fashion Article

Hi guys, I have some fantastic news to share with you. I have been named on the shortlist in two categories of the Beauty Blog Awards 2018 as ‘Best Male Influencer’ and ‘Best Fashion Blog/Influencer’. The Beauty Blog Awards were set up 5 years ago to honour the best of the blogging world. In recent years the blogging scene in Ireland and globally has changed and evolved into a much more dynamic industry with microblogs, Vloggers, Influencers and social media…

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Shopless x Timberland – Fashionable Frank – Mens Fashion Article

I was invited to the Shopless brand day recently to model some outfits from brands available on their app. I was absolutely thrilled when I discovered I would be modelling clothes for Timberland. Shopless users can avail of a generous 30% off discount when you shop Timberland through the Shopless app this September! But first… Shopless is an app which gives its users a simple solution to the most pressing daily chores. It is easy to use, flexible and has a smart…

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THE BRACELET YOU NEED RIGHT NOW – Fashionable Frank – Mens Fashion Article

Accessorising your outfits is one of the quickest ways to give them a fresh look. Accessories like bracelets are really handy pieces which tend to work with most looks you want to pull off. They are potential conversation starters as well so if you are a single pringle, wearing the right bracelet might provide an opportunity to mingle! AZURO REPUBLIC BRACELET My favourite bracelet is this white Azuro Republic Bracelet. I am still amazed at how versatile it is. While…

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HOW TO WEAR ACCESSORIES – Fashionable Frank – Mens Fashion Article

Adding accessories any outfit is a relatively simple process however it can become tricky when considering colour. Casual outfits are easier to accessorise simply because there are fewer colours to consider. Formal looks can be difficult to style with accessories. I love wearing accessories and I have been inspired to produce a guide and lookbook to help you find the accessories which will enhance your style. So fix yourself a drink, take a seat and enjoy the show! Wondering what…

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How To Wear A Black Suit: Don’t Wear One – Mens Fashion Article

A black suit is a go to look for a lot of guys even though it shouldn’t be. But why? A few reasons: contrast and coloring, context, tradition and its association with mourning. I’m not saying there is never a place for the black suit, there is. But for most guys and for most of the time, there are better options. Watch the video to learn how to wear a black suit and more importantly,…

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