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What To Consider When Buying Men’s Dress Hats – Mens Fashion Article

ll of your friends always have their best fashion foot forward. Whenever they get the chance, they would wear a fashion piece and make it their own statement. This accentuated their looks and in your eyes, having a fashion piece does help. Because you want to follow their lead, you’re thinking of buying men’s dress hats and use it as your own. You think hats will be an easy addition to any outfit – it’s very comfy to wear and doesn’t hide…

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Don’t Let Your Commute Ruin Your Suit – Off the Cuff – Mens Fashion Article

In partnership with British label Charles Tyrwhitt, we are thinking through some real-world issues faced by men and the clothing they wear. In 2016, the UK Office for National Statistics determined that 3.7 million workers traveled for two hours or more every weekday as part of their commute. This might involve walking, driving, cycling, taking public transport, or any combination of those modes of transportation. On top of this, many men – particularly in city environments – choose to wear…

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How luxury became commoditized and no-label style took over – Off the Cuff – Mens Fashion Article

The shiny barrier of luxury that once clearly defined social and cultural classes has for the most part fallen by the wayside. These days even the most average of incomes can support some level of Tiffany, Cartier, Hermes, Asprey, Gucci, or Louis Vuitton. Only one generation ago any of these names would conjure up images of drivers waiting outside intimidatingly luxurious store fronts. Most luxury labels were aspirational in the truest sense; you could dream but never really achieve. Such…

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Why the Polo Shirt is Always in Style – Off the Cuff – Mens Fashion Article

For generations now, polo shirts have been the casual cornerstone of a classic warm weather wardrobe. While many, upon hearing “polo shirt” think of the brand “Polo ™,” in fact the first truly branded version was developed in 1927 for tennis legend Rene’ “The Alligator” Lacoste. Forerunners of what we now know as the modern polo shirt where in use as far back as the late 19th Century by polo players. Lacoste wanted a comfortable shirt to replace the traditional,…

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The Fine Art of Intelligent Style – Off the Cuff – Mens Fashion Article

Being called stylish can mean many things; that you dress well, have a nice haircut or cool bag, drive great car, or own impressive art collection. Even how you walk down the street can be stylish – think of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Then there’s the kind of stylish that transcends mere clothing or accoutrement: being smart. We are not necessarily talking about book smart or theoretical physicist smart, although that level of intelligence is genuinely impressive. Simply…

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