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Discover my Montréal – Mens Fashion Article

Canada, oh Canada! My first time in this vast land, left me wanting more. I had the opportunity to visit Montreal, for a chance to take a peek at the Aldo headquarters! wow! Montreal, within the Quebec province is a primarily Francophone province, but multilingual as-well, and it has transformed this city into a cosmopolitan, globalized hub of cultures. A location with over 4,000 years of history, as archaeological evidence of First Nations people have been found, its development has…

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NYC Must-Do’s 2019 – The Gentleman Blogger – Mens Fashion Article

Welcome to the land of flux! I visit NYC about three times a year and in some ways it is always the same, and constantly in flux, changing right in front of you. A city that has embraced change like no other. This change can be tasted through its many restaurants, old and new, smelled in its coffee places and witnessed on its communal tables, or by its bar stools. This is our updated New York list! 1. Egg shop – This…

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Why Davos of all places? – The Gentleman Blogger – Mens Fashion Article

Sponsored by InterContinental Davos I don’t think I could have had a better first time try at Skiing. The InterContinental  Davos, a 2013 hotel built on the brink of the Davos Klosters, has the ability to embed you in the white fluffy hillside landscape, preparing you fully for your skiing journey! All the appropriate conditions are waiting to be enjoyed!  Comfort, luxury and adventure at a moments notice! Why choose InterContinental Davos? 1. You can forget the seasonal restrictions here!…

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