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Walker Slater – A Charming Twist on Tradition – Mens Fashion Article

Sartorial excellence right under our noses It seems remarkable that for thirty years Walker Slater has been delivering the truest form of sartorial excellence right under our noses but to no great fanfare, instead focussing on the importance of customer service and delivery of the best in functional tweed tailoring. Quite simply, Walker Slater can be described as a ‘discovery’, where people experience something a little bit different – and they’re more than happy with that. With its heart firmly…

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ROSCOMAR – Putting Soul Into Sneakers – Mens Fashion Article

Understanding the need for ambition and creativity It takes some nerve to jump off a successful career path to embark on something completely new and unpredictable, but driven by the mojo of living our lives the best way we can, perhaps it’s the challenge many of us need. ROSCOMAR is a new sneaker brand born from doing exactly the above and strives for its ever-growing group of followers to focus living life to its fullest. Perhaps an energised alternative to…

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