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ASKET Introduces The “Only Outerwear You Will Ever Need” – Mens Fashion Article

Menswear brand ASKET, founded during 2015 in Stockholm by August Bard Bringéus and Jakob Dworsky, boasts a strong ethos: to do away with seasonal collections (that only fuel a cycle of fast-consumption habits), and instead provide a single permanent collection of mindfully produced, quality and timeless garments that are designed to last. Effectively putting an end to over-consumption. You’ll also find, when following this ethos, that you buy less and only items you’ll actually wear.ASKET has grown rapidly, becoming one…

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OPUMO x L’Estrange Menswear Collection – Mens Fashion Article

During the 1970s, a designer by the name of Dieter Rams introduced the idea that a useless object has no place in design. It just so happens that the new OPUMO x L’Estrange collection agrees.After a career of working for companies like Braun and Vitsœ, Rams had produced a portfolio of timeless products that were as useful as they were pretty. Many summarise Rams’ design ethos with the phrase: “less but better.” Rams, however, delved deeper into what made a…

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ROSCOMAR – Putting Soul Into Sneakers – Mens Fashion Article

Understanding the need for ambition and creativity It takes some nerve to jump off a successful career path to embark on something completely new and unpredictable, but driven by the mojo of living our lives the best way we can, perhaps it’s the challenge many of us need. ROSCOMAR is a new sneaker brand born from doing exactly the above and strives for its ever-growing group of followers to focus living life to its fullest. Perhaps an energised alternative to…

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