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Why Social Media is the ‘New’ Smoking – Mens Fashion Article

As we approach 2020; there’s a clear trend that’s on the rise amongst young people; and it’s affecting them at a rapid rate. I’m not talking about fidget spinners, nor am I talking about ‘Baby Shark’. I’m talking about Social Media. “Social Media is the new Smoking, and it’s an addiction.”  Social media is a double edged sword. For me personally, I owe a lot to social media. The people I’ve connected with, the businesses I’ve built and the message…

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Toxic Poison Is The Biggest Killer of Young People, Yet Potential Life Saving Treatment Requires 8 Month Wait Time… – Mens Fashion Article

Young adults aged 18-25 are at huge risk of a toxic poison spread across the UK, yet many are having to wait 8 months for potential life saving treatment. Many are being warned of the dangers, with reports highlighting the need to come forward and to not battle it alone if symptoms are present, still researchers and the NHS lack an adequate treatment to eradicate the poison. Early reports also highlight the lack of preventative strategies in place to stop…

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5 Reasons Why Mental Health Needs To Become A Priority In Your Workplace – Mens Fashion Article

The awareness around mental health is rising, and rightly so. Suicide remains the biggest threat to all employees aged 20-35, alongside men under the age of 45. In fact in a recent survey, in a company of 1,000 employees, they found that 167 colleagues were currently struggling with some form of mental health issue, 400 colleagues had experienced a problem at some point but felt unable to discuss it, and there was 3,841 days lost per year due to work-related stress,…

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2019 NEEDS To Be The Year For Prevention… – Mens Fashion Article

Its 7:45am as I write this, and I’m currently sat on a plane on a flight to Tenerife. We’ve been awake since 2:30am, and 2 out of 3 family members are asleep next to me. It’s giving me time to reflect, to look back on 2018 and think about the new year that’s fast approaching. Back in early February, I rented an ‘Air BnB’ for a few days and with my friend Rob, a videographer, and recorded a series of…

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Using Mindfulness To Stop Overthinking – Mens Fashion Article

Do you remember going into the Library as a child? “Shh, be quiet” your parents used to say. The librarian would give you that piercing stare if you took your voice above a whisper. But silence is hard to go by today. Every household will typically own at least one TV, and the variety of channels to choose from is endless. We’re connected at all times through smartphones and tablets, the streets are getting crowded and our place of work…

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Depression Has No Face (I Know, I’ve Been There) – Mens Fashion Article

It’s late May 2009, and I’m walking out of my local after a few drinks with the ‘lads’. As always, the nights been a laugh, drinks, banter, and we’re planning the up and coming annual lads holiday. I left the pub smiling and laughing, and walking home only took a few minutes, but when I got home and into bed it all changed. I broke down into tears. This was becoming a recurring event, and these tears weren’t just sobs,…

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7 Tips To Deal With Stress – Mens Fashion Article

Stress is something we all have to deal with. Whether that stress evolves around work deadlines or an argument within your relationship, no matter the situation stress is going to inevitably impact our lives in some way. “Works really stressful right now”. It’s a sentence we’ve all said before, and for me, a sentence that’s almost become accepted as either you’re working hard or you’re busy with work. A sentence that’s almost now perceived as a positive one too, as…

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3 Things We Can Learn From World Mental Health Day – Mens Fashion Article

So there we have it, another World Mental Health Day finished. A day where the world comes together to raise awareness for mental health. I’ve said it before, I appreciate the efforts of everyone around mental health designated days, but I’m more about talking openly about it 365 days a year for as long as I possibly can. Why? Because we all have mental health. We all have to deal with it. And a day to talk about it and…

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