The Comeback of Plaid Trousers this summer season. – Mens Fashion Article

3. Color Color Everywhere! Are you bold with your fashion? Or are you hoping to be? Well this style is for you. How do you feel about yellow pants? Or multi color pants? Maybe it sounds weird, but colors for plaid pants are the right way to go. It does not come off as crazy style because it is still the gentleman’s plaid style, but it comes off as bold. You will leave a mark, draw attention, and capture gazes.…

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Summer Suits — Gentleman’s Gazette – Mens Fashion Article

Have you ever wondered how some people can wear a suit when it’s stifling hot outside? Well, not all suits are created equal and some have a lot more airflow and a lot cooler than others. Why is that? You may wonder. Actually, there are a number of factors and we break it down below. Most importantly, there’s the fabric and the interlining. If you have a jacket with a glued interlining, it will insulate you much more, it will…

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