Kapital Nylon OX ARMY SMILE TOTE BAG – Mens Fashion Article

85446 has thumbnail June 3, 2019 | By Brad Bennett If you’re not already, you should definitely be following Kapital on Instagram. They’re just so weird, but like, in a really good way (much like their clothes). And they have this incredible knack for making things work together that don’t seem like they should. For instance, this Nylon OX ARMY SMILE TOTE BAG. If someone was like, “picture a really heavy-duty, mil-spec nylon tote, but with a big ol’ hippie…

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Experience Columbus – NOTORIOUSLY DAPPER – Mens Fashion Article

Recently I went on an influencer trip to Columbus, Ohio. At first I was like Columbus?!? What is there besides Ohio State and Urban Meyer. Let me tell you all something, Columbus is the place to be. I was shocked at how diverse, fun and beautiful this city was. I also learned a lot about Columbus as well. Did you all know that Columbus is the 3rd most fashionable/fashion forward city following right behind L.A. (2nd) and NYC (1st). I…

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Best Wallets for Men in India 2019 : Reviews and Buying Guide – Mens Fashion Article

Best Wallets for Men in India 2019 : Keeping cash bills in the pocket with ATM cards including all other stuff can make you feel irritated while pulling out money out of pocket. Many people out there prefer having cash in the pocket instead of a wallet. Needless to mention, a wallet can help to sort out cash, keeping small items like ATM cards, sim ejector pin, business cards, and lot more stuff. Most of the people buy their first…

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Behind The Suit: Interview With Samuel Diamond – Mens Fashion Article

Full name:  Samuel Issac Diamond   Age: 32   Occupation: Menswear Designer   Background: I run my own business: Samuel Diamond Tailors – Collins St. I’m Melbourne born and bred. Other than my passion for menswear, my favourite things to do include surfing, fishing, dining, travel and music. What do you love about your occupation?  I never view my occupation as ‘selling suits’, but rather a feeling. It might sound a little corny, but I do mean it. Some guys…

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Legit, Be Happy | One Dapper Street – Mens Fashion Article

This post is sponsored by Levi’s and ShopStyle. It’s May, aka time to celebrate Levi’s 501® Day, and what would be a better day to celebrate a company that has impacted the fashion industry so profoundly that we all know about it (and probably own a piece too): Levi’s®. I am super stoked to be partnering with them for today’s post and showing you my favorite pair of 501®’s styled in a head-to-toe look from the brand. As a little…

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Home Inspired: Black Marble | alexanderliang.com – Mens Fashion Article

My last home design and decor post was all about black windows and doors and now this post is all about black marble… It looks like there’s a trend forming here! Yes, it’s no secret that I love dramatic contrast when it comes to interior design, or any design for that matter. And what’s more dramatic than black marble? Dark and textured with its contrasting white striations, black marble creates a sleek, chic aesthetic. Adding a luxurious…

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I GOT FILLERS & HERE ARE MY THOUGHTS! – THE PREP GUY | TPGSTYLE.COM – Canada’s Leading Men’s Fashion & Style Blog by Syed Sohail – Mens Fashion Article

Disclaimer: I am partnering with Allergan for this campaign and my treatment sessions were compensated. Hey Prepsters, I have always been the type of person to say, that if you want to do any work to yourself, then make sure you make an informed decision and go to a trusted professional. So a few months ago, my friends at Allergan saw an Instagram story I posted where I was talking about wanting to get fillers to smooth out my skin…

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How to Wear Dress Shirts More Casually – Mens Fashion Article

In the past few years, we’ve seen a movement away from the very strict suit, tie, shirt combination, and the modern man’s daily uniform has become a lot more casual and unique to his own style. That does not mean that we can’t still wear the dress shirts we love so much and just give them a little bit more of a casual touch and we used to. Today, in partnership with OLYMP, I want to show you 5 different shirts,…

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The Reward of Time | Uber Rewards – Mens Fashion Article

This post is made in partnership with Uber.  Learn more at uber.com/rewards. Terms Apply. Here are two things I’m a huge fan of: Uber, and rewards programs. So when I heard that Uber had launched the Uber Rewards program, I could not have been more excited.  There are tons of benefits to be unlocked, but today we’re going to focus on one that is most important to me, and that’s priority airport pickups, which are unlocked at the Platinum Tier.…

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