Summer Suits — Gentleman’s Gazette – Mens Fashion Article

Have you ever wondered how some people can wear a suit when it’s stifling hot outside? Well, not all suits are created equal and some have a lot more airflow and a lot cooler than others. Why is that? You may wonder. Actually, there are a number of factors and we break it down below. Most importantly, there’s the fabric and the interlining. If you have a jacket with a glued interlining, it will insulate you much more, it will…

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10 Things I Wish I Had Known in My 20’s – Mens Fashion Article

I am currently 34 but my life has changed a lot and is dramatically different than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Today, I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self a few things that would help me tremendously, however, that’s not possible so I hope you can learn from my experiences. 1.You Cannot Save Your Way To Prosperity. Growing up, I always tried to save money to do things myself, to not splurge…

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Enter To Win A $2,000 Men’s Style Package! – Mens Fashion Article

Celebrating 50K on the YouTube Channel Something exciting today, folks. We hit a small milestone on the YouTube channel over the weekend–going over 50,000 subscribers. We’re very thankful for all who have been tuning in over the past six months or so and wanted to show our appreciation by hosting a massive men’s style giveaway featuring a prize package valued at over $2,000. To enter, you must use the widget below to certify you’ve done the following: 1. Subscribe to…

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11 Tips for Delivering Great Presentations – Mens Fashion Article

Have you ever sat through a boring presentation or have you ever stood in front of an audience and felt intimidated? Well, I definitely have and I also gave a presentation once where people actually were yawning and sleeping right in front of me and was so distracting and embarrassing but I swore to myself I would only give engaging interesting presentations. Along the way, I learned a few things and today, I want to share my 11 tips on…

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What to Buy from Ralph Lauren — Gentleman’s Gazette – Mens Fashion Article

Ralph Lauren is an iconic American clothing brand that was founded in 1967 and today, is a seven billion dollar company. A lot of people ask us “Well, what do you buy from this brand or what would you suggest we buy?” Brief History Of The Brand Ironically, it was founded by Ralph Lifshitz who just decided that that was not so marketable and went with Ralph Lauren. When he founded the company, he was 27 years old and initially,…

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Gentleman’s Gazette | Barbour Waxed Cotton Jacket: Is It Worth It? – Mens Fashion Article

The Barbour waxed jacket is probably one of the most iconic pieces of men’s outerwear there is. With its casual appearance, its waxed cotton shell that is water resistant, it has become a staple in the English gentleman’s wardrobe. Barbour jackets don’t just represent the British country look but they are great for any kind of outdoorsman who wants to hunt, fish, or just not afraid of the elements. Over the years, the brand of Barbour has become synonymous with…

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Quirk up your basic Suit : VIDEO – Blueberry Blackout – Mens Fashion Article

The Navy Solid Suit: It’s the foundation of every man’s business wardrobe. Here are few style tips for choosing a navy suit that is right for your personal style and lifestyle. You can choose to quirk it up with contrasting accessories. I picked these purple accessories from Shingora. Buy the tie here & pocket squares here. The basic grey suit is a must-have for all men out there. Style it with black and multi-color accessories to complete your dapper look.…

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