Buy your tickets for the second Artichokes Festival at Ayama Slent Farm – 25 August 2019 – Mr Lee Fraser – Mens Fashion Article

Ayama Slent Farms will be hosting their second Artichokes Festival in the Voor Paardeberg on the the 25th of August 2019. This gastronomic event is becoming an annual appointment for those loving good food and healthy artichokes. You can also find yourself sipping on some of Ayama’s finest wines, while enjoying good company and the festival itself. Last years event was a sell out, so I would highly suggest you pre-book your tickets to secure your spot. Please note that…

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Add Earthsap Laundry detergent to your Laundry room for a environmentally friendly wash. – Mr Lee Fraser – Mens Fashion Article

Earthsap is a Proudly South African Brand that for over 20 years has been producing non-toxic, natural home cleaning and cosmetic products. All Earthsap products are naturally derived and biodegradable, making them a good choice, not only for your health, but also for the health of our planet. Earthsap cleaners and cosmetics are formulated with micro-biologists that are based on pure simple ingredients including coconut, palm, citrus, and other plant oils. Only pure essential oils are used for fragrance and…

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