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WMBW Travels – Avista Grande Karon Phuket – what my boyfriend wore – Mens Fashion Article

First…a quick disclaimer. There’s a lot of pictures in this post, like A LOT! Not only because our hotel and Thailand were beautiful, but we were trialing the new Sony Alpha 7R III for the week and got a little trigger happy with this incredible machine. I’ll be doing a full review on the camera and G Master lense in an upcoming “stuff I’ve tried” post soon. okay, sit back, relax and enjoy Phuket. I think it’s fair to assume…

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WMBW Travels – A Week in Istanbul – what my boyfriend wore – Mens Fashion Article

It’s been a little over 3 months since Elzaan and I hopped on a Turkish Airlines plane headed for a week in Istanbul. At the time, we had no idea how much this trip would change not only how we see the world, but how we see travel. Now, after sifting through hours of footage together with thousands of photos we’re even more excited to share our experience with you. There has never been a truer case of ‘better late…

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