OK guys, how many of you would be brave enough to buy a g-string, and I am not talking about a new string for your guitar, I am talking about thongs, strings and g-strings. Well more and more men are shopping for string underwear for men for a variety of reasons.

Thongs are one of the earliest forms of clothing worn by men. They date back thousands of years and were worn long before women were wearing them. If you ever want to understand why these were the preferred choice of clothing for our ancestral male thong wearers then either we need to look at it from Darwin's perspective by applying a process of reverse engineering to establish what benefits thongs held for men thousands of years ago .

Looking at it this way it will soon become apparent that practicality more likely than not took precedence over vanity and thongs essentially did what they said they did on the label, they cover and support. When you think about it, what more do you need from an item of male underwear, other than to provide you with adequate and comfortable support for your 'giggleberries'. What benefit does having a full back to your pants offer and at the end of the day, what does it matter what your underwear looks like when for the vast major of the time they remain unseen, except by our partners.

So, why did men ever stop wearing thongs on a regular daily basis? Many may speculate that thongs for men as a preferred choice of clothing simply naturally disappeared over time as we became more socially advanced and experienced and developed with other types of clothing. It could also be due to the mergence, adoption and integration of other clothing trends as different cultures came together as humans began to roam and transverse across continents. Occasionally, socialization would have become an important factor and men would have become much vain and thought clothing that met other needs, such as social identification or a need to make a statement about who they were in society.

However, men now seem to be once again recognizing the earlier reasons for string underwear for men, just as our earlier ancestors did and are buying thongs in increasing numbers. They are a popular choice for sports men who simply want practical and functional underwear that does the job and provides the support and control for their 'giggleberries' that they require.

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Source by James Keightley

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